Epoch Box V2

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The well-known Epoch Box reads environmental energy and converts it into a yes or no answer- although you can also assign other closed answers (male/female, inside/outside, etc) to it as well. The Epoch Box will either speak the answer aloud, or you can have it silent. Comes with a 60 day warranty on parts and workmanship.

How does it work?

The Epoch Box assesses a variety of environmental conditions using a highly technical algorithm, including atmospheric electricity, charge movements, among others. It then converts the energy into a response, giving greater ease of communication between the investigator and spirit. 

How to Use

Simply turn the Epoch Box on and place where you are investigating. If you like you can toggle the sound on or off. Green light for yes, red for no.


  • Long lasting, rechargeable internal battery
  • Clear audible responses
  • Toggle sound switch
  • Red and green lights for easy answers
  • 5 inch x 3 inch x 1.25 inches/ 13cm x 8 cm x 3.2 cm


Customer Reviews

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carey gates

The epoch box v2 is an extremely great product, and I highly recommend it.!!!

Brad Mueller
EPOCH Box is fantastic

We got the EPOCH box V2 and took it on a few hunts. We got amazing responses using the EPOCH Box, this thing is very accurate. The questions we we're asking were getting fantastic reposnses. It was like having a 2-way conversation with a ghost.
Before we had the FLUX2 and frankly it pales in comparison to the EPOCH Box. Ultimately we sold our FLUX2.