Flux 2

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Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device

This device is designed to give closed answers (questions with only two possible responses) to questions such as yes/no, male/female, good/bad, etc. This is an easy way for spirits to communicate, and the shape makes an interesting, appealing trigger object. 

How Does it Work?

The Flux 2 reads several environmental factors including motion, distance, and even temperature changes. They are converted to an answer to closed ended questions. The Flux 2 employs laser motion sensors, ambient temperature detector, and distance detector.

How to Use

Simply turn on the Flux by turning the knob clockwise. The Flux will light up. Choose your sensitivity zone by turning the knob. Both lights will flash a color to indicate the sensitivity zone. 

  • Zone 1: Green, up to 1 foot
  • Zone 2: Yellow, up to 2 feet
  • Zone 3: Red, up to 4 feet
  • Zone 4: Purple, up to 7 feet

After choosing your zone, step away while the Flux 2 configures. It will beep and flash white when it is ready. You can reset the sensitivity zone at any time by turning knob again.


  • Motion and distance detectors on two sides
  • Sensitivity zone adjustor
  • Temperature detection
  • Red and green indication lights
  • Sound alerts
  • Rechargeable battery with 10 hour or longer life
  • Comes with charging cord
  • Size: 4"w x 3"h x 2"d
  • Not for outdoor use.

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