Ovilus 5

Ovilus 5

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Ovilus 5

The latest model in one of the most famous names in paranormal investigation equipment, The Ovilus 5 takes intelligent spirit communication to the next level by translating audible EVPs into writing. Having the EVP written out helps to understand EVPs that may have otherwise been misunderstood and gives more visual evidence during your paranormal investigation. This new and updated version features a red face and a full color screen.

How Does it Work?

The Ovilus converts environmental conditions into a variety of visual and audible communications.

  • Dictionary Mode- The Ovilus will interpret environmental conditions into written words on the screen while also reading them aloud.
  • Energy Mode-  Displays a graph of changes in both the static and electromagnetic fields.
  • Draw- The environmental readings will create colored blocks on the screen, allowing spirits to potentially create images.
  • True/False- This mode shows green light for increasing energy and red for decreasing. Great for yes/no questions, or other questions with two possible answers.
  • Motion- Visualizes small movements in a graph form.
  • Phoenetic- Sounds of speech, so spirits can potentially  create their own words not in the dictionary.
  • Log- See words previously spoken by the Ovilus.
  • Proximity- Visualizes small movements in a radial form.

How to Use

Simply press the button on the bottom. The screen will light up with 8 modes, plus a settings screen. Select your mode from the screen. The Ovilus runs on an internal charge. NOTE: Must be turned on to charge.


  • Protective case and charging cord included.
  • 3.5 audio jack
  • 4.25"h x 3.15"w x 1.25"d
  • Male and female voice option
  • English or Spanish option
  • Duel antenna


See our very own voice to text device - the Para4ce Polterscript - that works on the same principals as the Ovilus!


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    Brenda Evans
    Ovilus 5 investigation

    We have only gotten to use the Ovilus 5 once but we were very impressed and enjoyed what evidence we were able to get with it.