Para4ce REM Static - The PRS

Para4ce REM Static - The PRS

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Para4ce REM Static - The PRS

Exciting brand new Para4ce device!

The PRS is an outstanding new Para4ce device that we have thoroughly tested during our investigations. It has proved to be a great new instrument which seems to stir up the curiosity of the spirits. It's very responsive and regularly gives interesting readings that often have simultaneously been registered on other pieces of equipment. 

It's beautifully designed and handcrafted in wood and other high-quality materials. It's a real eye catcher and might be why it seems to be drawing in activity. 

How Does It Work?

Directional Static Energy Detection

As a static energy field traverses close to the PRS, its 8 large LED lights will light up in different colors and indicate the direction the energy is moving. It's highly sensitive to static e-fields. When compared next to a Para4ce NEM Master it signals the presence of an energy field at a greater range. In other words, it picks up more subtle fields. 

REM function

When the area near the antenna is being disturbed, the small LED lights will light up. The more that light up - the closer the entity manipulating the energy field is to the antenna. An audio tone will also alert you of such REM activity.

How To Use:

Simple to operate! Install a fresh brand-name quality 9V battery. Extend the antenna and place the PRS on a stable surface and leave it stationary. Flip the on switch. To recalibrate: let the device reset on its own. It just takes a few seconds.  To speed up recalibration: switch it off and then on again. 


  • Easy straightforward operation
  • Compact portable design- but must be stationary during operation
  • 8 large LED lights indicates direction of Static energy 
  • 4 small LED Lights indicates REM activity
  • Audio tones indicate REM activity
  • Power Source: Brand name alkaline 9V battery (not included)
  • Size of body in inches: 3" tall x 3.9" wide; Antenna up: 12.75" inch tall
  • Size of body in cm: 7.62 tall x 9.9  wide; Antenna up: 32.4 tall
  • Weight in oz: 12  
  • Weight in g:  340

 Important Battery Compartment Information:

The battery lid requires caution when changing the batteries. Watch the quick video below:



Customer Reviews

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scott hammer
Nice addition to my equipment

Item is extremely well made and durable. Love the on off toggle switch on the top. Works well and designed well.


Très sensible, pas testé au maximum, fait son job, merci à Ghost Hunters Equipment

Danielson Paranormal
Bon appareil

A tester dans les enquêtes à venir. Le PRS est aussi bien fini que la PMB. Un appareil qui mérite sûrement son prix.
Merci à Ghost Hunters Equipment pour la rapidité de livraison🙏

Troy Hunt
Great combo

One of the newer pieces in my collection. I am really liking it so far. The rem function works great and spirits seem to like it. What is very nice is the static part. It will follow the static (Spirit) so I know where they are or moving to. Very solid build just like there PMB. Highly recommended.