APF-D Processor - your aid to analyzing EVPs - during the investigation!

APF-D Processor - your aid to analyzing EVPs - during the investigation!

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Take Advantage Now! 

APF-D Processor

Hear it again and don't miss a thing!



Key Functions:

  • Don't miss a word by having the ability to rewind in 10 sec increments as many times and as far back as you like - while the APF-D still records in real-time.
  • You can lower the playback speed so that you can decipher an EVP better.
  • For clearer EVPs - turn on the high pass filter. This elevates this elevates the responses and takes out the base. Works great with the playback feature and speed reduction.
  • Built-in adjustable noise filter. This means that you can remove as much of the background noise as you want from your session.
  • You can view the voice profile in real time with the audio spectrum.
  • Work wire-free with the included Bluetooth receiver and transmitter connected. 
  • 4 control buttons for audio quality settings.
  • Plug-in devices included that give Bluetooth function to your Spirit/Ghost Box so that you can wirelessly connect to the APF-D.


  • Rechargeable 9V battery keeps the investigation going! (Be sure to have spare 9V batteries on hand to replace as needed). A full battery gives you about 4 hrs. 
  • Bluetooth converter devices for your Spirit/Ghost Box included.
  • Product Weight: 8 oz = 225 grams
  • Dimensions 4  x 3 ¾  x 1 inches  = 12.5 x 9.5  x  4 centimeters

And in case you wondered, the letters in the product name stands for Audio Playback Filter - with Display.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen McKinley

Takes time getting used to but is very good. Need to buy the SB7 Pro. Currently using SBox

Jonathan Davis


Matt S.
Game changer

This is little device is amazing! So many features that I have always wanted in a spirit box. I added this to my SB7 and was blown away. For me what stands out is the playback function and the slowing down the recording. No more going what did they say, lol. The filters work good. I do like the high filter the most. The Bluetooth has been nice as well. I leave the APF connected to my Portal and just walk around with my SB7 in hand. My only recommendation is to buy an extra 9v rechargeable battery.