Standard SB7 Ball Speaker

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PSB7 Ball Speaker

This is the black ball speaker that plugs into PSB7 spirit box. This 3 Watt ball speaker that is more powerful than the previous ball speaker that came with the older model!

How to Use the Speaker

Prior to using, the speaker must be fully charged with the included USB cable. When opening the speaker package, the USB charger is located at the bottom of the package under the cardboard that holds the speaker upright.  Remove the cord and plug in the speaker. Once the speaker is fully charged, it must be inserted into the PSB7 and turned on. The “on” switch is located under the foam padding. A light will come on indicating that the speaker is now turned on.


  • Weighs only 2 oz
  • 3 Watts
  • USB cord for charging (no battery needed)
  • On switch is (on the side - partially under the black padding material) 
  • Measures 2.25 inch x 2.25 inches (the ball) and is 4.25 inches long

Customer Reviews

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Alvin Whipple
Little speaker = big surprise.

For such a small self contained speaker, it gets incredibly loud.
I use it for the SB 7, which it does a beautiful job.
If you own a spirit box, you'll love this.
Even on a digital voice recorder, you'll hear everything.
Very much width the little asking price.

Alvin Whipple
Big thing in a little package!

Holey crap!
That little speaker is incredibly loud.
Wasn't sure if I needed it when I bought it, however, after using it for a while, I love it.
Gets loud enough that you will hear clearly any EVP that comes through.
This is the icing on the cake when using the P-sb 7 with it.