Faraday Bag

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Faraday Bag

The Faraday Bag is used in paranormal investigations during EVP sessions with a Spirit or Ghost Box. It significantly reduces the interference from radio signals, minimizing the chance of confusing a radio station voice with a real EVP.

How to Use

Simply place your Spirit or Ghost Box all the way inside the pouch. You can access the control buttons through the pouch. How much it blocks out depends on how you place it inside the pouch.


  • Blocks out all or most of all FM and AM radio waves
  • Used with SB7 and SB11 Spirit Boxes and other similar sized Ghost Boxes
  • size: 7 inches x 5 inches / 17.4 cm x 12.4 cm

Customer Reviews

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Glenda Edwards
Works like a charm!

Wow! Exactly the equipment I needed to get the results I was looking for. Not expensive to buy but priceless for the investigation! Thank you!!

Cynthia Hawkins
Well Made - Does What it should!

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Ghost Hunters Equipment for their superior customer service! My local postal service delivery is HORRIBLE. GHE made good on their bad service.
The Faraday Bag is really well made. And it does help reduce radio interference.
Thank you!

Brian Vincent
It Does What It Is Supposed To Do

Put the spirit box radio like the SB7T into it and you get nothing but white noise. Not one iota of radio station interference comes through which is great when you are in a city with so many radio stations.

I highly recommend it.

Pen wiky

Bigger than I thought. Could fit a couple spirit boxes or a few recorders.

Leah-sage Rodgers
Thumbs up 👍

I actually purchased one When I bought the sb7 and didn't use it for a while. I would definitely recommend it as it completely blocked out any radio interference I normally received and just got beautiful white noise. I think it definitely lowers the chance of radio interference