Para4ce UMD - Ultrasound Monitoring Device & Fleeting EVP Verifier

Para4ce UMD - Ultrasound Monitoring Device & Fleeting EVP Verifier

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 UMD - Ultrasound Monitoring Device   Made in USA

Make sure to catch all evidence on your investigation! The UMD’s lights will alert you to ultrasounds. These are sounds beyond the human ear’s range. Works great as a second device to verify those vague quick EVPs you were not sure you heard. The UMD will pick up even the weakest vibration – for instance taps on a table or the lightest footsteps. Use the UMD in conjunction with a camera or/and a voice recorder so that you have a recording to analyze and as to use as potential evidence of paranormal activity for yourself and others.

How to Use:

Insert one fresh quality brand name Alkaline 9 Volt batteries and switch the UMD on.

Set the sensitivity by turning the knob to the setting of your liking.

More lights lit indicate, louder sound, in the audible and inaudible range, or stronger taps.

 For ultrasound detection and EVP verifications: to avoid the UMD from being triggered by vibrations, place the UMD on a soft surface such as a bed or pillow.

 For vibration and ultrasound detection/EVP verifications:  place the UMD on a table, hard floor or any hard surface. The UMD can pick up even the smallest vibration. Since the device is sensitive to audible and inaudible taps, you can apply it for question-and-answer sessions. For example, you can ask “tap once for yes, two for no”- and if lights flicker on once, the answer is yes. If the lights flash on twice, the answer is no. You can also experiment with having a meaning associated with the entity lighting up a certain number of lights – like for instance all the lights.


  • Power source: One 9V Alkaline Battery - use fresh brand name quality (not included)
  • Sensitivity Control
  • 12 Led lights alerts of sound and lights up according to strength of source
  • Frequency response from Tap or Pulse: 0 > 30 kHz

*Color and style of adjusting knob may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Crystal Johnson
Well Worth the Purchase!

My team used it this past weekend at Ft. Gratiot Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Michigan, located in Port Huron. We spent the weekend in the Keeper's house, and the activity did not disappoint. The Para4ce is a great piece of
equipment that I wish I'd bought sooner.
Thank you!👻
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