X1 ANC Orbital Speaker - WITH BLUETOOTH!

X1 ANC Orbital Speaker - WITH BLUETOOTH!

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X1 ANC Orbital Speaker

This premium speaker has an aluminum body and powerful sound. Specially designed to better hear EVPs, this speaker works great with your SB7T, SB11, ANC Mini, or APF-D Processor. The ring on top controls the volume, allowing you to raise or lower the volume with ease without fumbling around with buttons. You can connect with Bluetooth or line in. Works great for music too! With up to 6 hours of battery life, you'll never miss another EVP!

This upgraded model has ANC functionality- adjustable noise control. Filter out the white noise with ease!

Also with Bluetooth! Connect your Spirit Box with the included Bluetooth device with this speaker to achieve ultimate portability!


  • Rechargeable 600mAh battery
  •  3.5W Power Rating
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz frequency response
  • 40mm speaker
  • Smart switch to select Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux cord

Customer Reviews

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Nice Two In One Speaker, The X1 ANC Orbital Rocks!

The convenience of an ANC filter in an X1 orbital speaker with Bluetooth connectivity is awesome. The famous X1 Orbital speaker with easy to tune ANC on the back. With bluetooth adapter hooks effortlessly up to your spirit box of your choice. Love my sessions good or bad, this X1 ANC Orbital speaker is an incredible useful tool for your ghost hunting needs. Thank you Ghost Hunters Equipment Ghost Augustine.

Wayne Aylmer
The best speaker going!

Wow, what a piece of equipment this is! Was waiting for months and months for this since Gary Galka telling me he's making one and it sure doesn't disappoint and was worth the wait! No wires getting in the way and you get the amazing quality of the speaker plus a fantastically working ANC that can be turned off too which is very convenient and I would go as far as to say the ANC in this speaker works even better than the ANC mini and pro.

I cannot recommend this any higher!