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P-SB11 Spirit Box 

The SB11 scans both the AM and FM bands simultaneously so that you cover the most amount of frequencies and optimize the chance of receiving EVPs. It  has many nifty features like giving you 7 different sweep speed choices and built in ATDD – Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection. So if the temp changes by 5F visual and audio alerts are triggered.  You can scan each band by itself if you prefer.


 The SB11 has been used consistently on paranormal TV shows and investigations to capture remarkable EVPs that relate to the investigated site.

How Does it Work?

The white noise of the SB11 and the fast scanning of radio frequencies is believed to provide the energy and transmission spirits need to get their voices through. The SB11 also features Temperature Detection Deviation to - or + 5 degrees F. Sudden drops in temperature indicate simultaneous paranormal activity. The red flashlight makes the P-SB11 Spirit Box night vision friendly and has minimum interference with capturing video and photos during your paranormal investigation.

How to Use

When using the P-SB11, you can choose between AM or FM, or run both at the same time in either forward or reverse while choosing the rate of sweep. It also has Dual Simultaneous Audio Outputs for simultaneous dual sweeps in either FM or AM. There are 2 Audio Output jacks, one for AM and one for FM. Running AM and FM at the same time creates clearer EVP transmissions. Turning off the antennae reduces the pick up of radio stations. Don’t forget your Voice Recorder so that you can listen to what you captured later!


  • Forward / Reverse Sweep
  • Adjustable Sweep Rate - 7 different speeds from 50 millisec to 350 millisec
  • AM or FM Sweep or Simultaneous AM and FM Sweep
  • Adjustable Use of the Antenna for AM and FM
  • Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection - by sound that can be turned off.
  • Dual Simultaneous Output for Audio (CH1 & CH2)
  • Capacity to be Upgraded and Expanded
  • Built in Red LED Flashlight - night vision friendly
  • Power: 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)