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The ANC-Mini

The ANC-Mini is an Adjustable Noise Control device that can be used with any Spirit/Ghost Box that offers a separate Audio Output. The ANC-Mini reduces unwanted noise, making it easier to hear EVPs that come through. We have found that the absolute, best EVP sessions are by using a combination of the ANC-Mini, plus a Portal with a spirit box. This combination of all 3 has given us clear communication with various spirits coming through. 

How Does it Work?

The ANC-Mini controls the white noise and sweeping sounds of your Spirit or Ghost Box using a unique software algorithm to enable a clearer EVP response. Includes Velcro to attach the ANC-Mini to the back of your Ghost Box or Spirit Box. The ANC-Mini has to be used with an external speaker that has an input audio port (blue tooth will not work to connect). Choose the option from the drop-down menu to purchase the Mini-ANC with the portable yet powerful X1 Orbital speaker. To step up your game even further and get the best clarity use the ANC-Mini with a Portal like the Para4ce Portal V5 instead of a speaker.

 How to Use

The ANC-Mini is very easy to use. It has only two buttons to adjust the Noise Control and take your EVP session to a new level. Adjust the Volume of your Spirit or Ghost Box and Connect the Audio Output to the Audio Input of the ANC-Mini and plug the ANC-Mini into a speaker or portal. Press the RED Button until the noise level is lowered to your preference. Press the GREEN Button to bring the noise level up. The ANC-Mini is reset by Pressing both the RED and GREEN Buttons for approximately two seconds. 


  • Small size and light weight
  • Easy to use! Only 2 control buttons.
  • Velcro attachment for Spirit/Ghost Box (1)
  • External speaker needed (not included)
  • AA Alkaline Batteries (2)
  • 4” Male Audio Cables to connect Spirit/Ghost Box (2)

*Note: If using the SB11 with the ANC-Mini, only one channel can run through the ANC-Mini at a time as it does not have Simultaneous Dual Input/Output. To run both SB11 channels you would need 2 ANC-Minis or a Para4ce Portal V5. 

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