APF-D Processor

APF-D Processor

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New product from the makers of the REM Pod and SB7T!


The APF-D (Audio Playback Filter with Display) processor is a fantastic new tool that works with your SB7T Spirit Box to discover your best EVPs yet. The APF-D is a real time recorder that continues to record during your session even when you back and listen to an EVP - so you never miss an EVP again! This nifty device will record and play back the audio. You can go back and listen to it again but still receive EVPs without missing a beat. The audio can be adjusted through the four control buttons for a more in-depth analysis of the received communication. The audio cannot be transferred from the AFP-D. Therefore, be sure to always record the session with a Digital Voice Recorder. 

It will run for up to four hours when using the included rechargeable 9Vdc battery. Bluetooth receivers will convert your Spirit Box or Ghost Box frequency scanner to have Bluetooth function and allows you to have the choice to wirelessly connect to the APF-D. 


  • Don't miss a word by having the ability to rewind in 10 sec increments as many times and as far back as you like.
  • Need to slow down the playback? We got you covered with the ability to adjust the playback speed.
  • Responses sound muffled? Turn on the high pass filter to elevate responses and take out base. Works great with the playback feature and speed reduction.
  • With a built-in adjustable noise filter, you can remove as much of the background noise as you want from your session.
  • Another great feature is the ability to pause and resume without losing any data.
  • See the voice artifacts in real time with an audio spectrum.
  • Have the ability to be cable free with Bluetooth receiver and transmitter.
  • Rechargeable 9V battery keeps the investigation going! (Be sure to have spare 9V batteries on hand to replace as needed)
  • Weight: 8 oz/227 grams
  • Dimensions 4 * 3 3 ¾ * 1 inches /12.38 * 9.5cm * 4.13 cm



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