Faraday Bag

Faraday Bag

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Faraday Bag

The Faraday Bag is often used in paranormal investigations during EVP sessions with a PSB7, PSB11 or other Ghost Box that transmits intelligent communication. It significantly reduces or blocks the interference from FM and AM radio signals while using a Spirit or Ghost Box.

How to Use

Simply place your Spirit or Ghost Box all the way inside the pouch, along with its external speaker. You can access the Spirit or Ghost Box control button through the pouch. How much it blocks out depends on how you place the spirit-ghost box inside the pouch.



  • Blocks out all or most of all FM and AM radio waves
  • Popular to use with EVP research for paranormal research
  • Used with SB7 Spirit Box and other same sized Ghost Boxes
  • Ensures that your EVP is not contaminated by talk radio or music
  • size: 7 inches x 5 inches / 17.4 cm x 12.4 cm

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