Phantom Lite FSX Illumination - Full Spectrum X

Phantom Lite FSX Illumination - Full Spectrum X

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Phantom Lite Full Spectrum X Illuminator

  • camera Light for Still and Video into IR and UV
  • penetrates deep into the Infrared and Ultraviolet
  • size: 4 inch long x 2.5 inch wide x 1.5 inches thick
  • one 9v Battery generates over 6 hours of use
  • made in U.S.A


This is a very bright illuminator that lights up the whole light spectrum, including the Infrared and the Ultraviolet range of light that are invisible to the human eye.

By using this Phantom Lite Full Spectrum Illuminator with a Infrared camera or camcorder or a Full Spectrum camera or camcorder you can increase the possibility of capturing the best photos for paranormal research.

The top 5 rows are only visible through the camera (not your eyes).

If any of bottom rows of lights are not visible - then it is time to change the battery.

As expected all Phantom Lites are light weight and fit in your hand!