Haunted Hollywood DVD

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Very rare History Channel Documentary. Sells elsewhere on the web new for $139 and used for $120.


Many were famous, most died in obscurity. Now they all inhabit an incorporeal world known as HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD.

In this spine-tingling program from HAUNTED HISTORY, explore the secret stories behind some of the big screen's most famous specters. Discover how the lights in one movie studio swing unaided from the rafters, and how in the bar of the famous Knickerbocker Hotel, objects move on their own and images of long-deceased stars appear and disappear at random. While some speculate that the siren song of fame that brought these stars to the city of dreams makes it hard for them to abandon it, others contend that the tragic way in which some of these celebrities died means they are doomed to repeat their final days ad infinitum.

Whether a series of coincidences or the work of real spirits, Hollywood's historians and eyewitnesses explain why the glamorous ghosts of Tinseltown are unlike any others.

Color and B&W. Approx 50 mins total runtime.