K2 EMF Meter with Buzzer

Authentic K2 Meter with internal Sound Buzzer

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SPECIALTY ITEM.  Could take a few days to ship out since the Authentic K2 has to be modified to add on the sound.

Black Authentic K2 EMF Meter with Buzzer

The Authentic K2 Meter with a Buzzer is an EMF meter that measures Electromagnetic Frequencies when paranormal activity is thought to be present.

How Does it Work?

Authentic K2 EMF meter with a low buzzer has an audio alert when EMFs are present.  The sound is an aftermarket modification that the manufacturer says slows the Authentic K2s performance down (see more info here below Features section). The Authentic K2 has a wide frequency range to cover a huge bandwidth from low to high EMF frequencies. It is portable to fit in your hand and lightweight to fit into your pocket or purse. The Authentic K2 is also easy to see in the dark because it has led lights that light up in different colors when there has been an increase in the EMF level.

How to Use

The Authentic K2 with Buzzer is easy to use; just push the on button and the meter lights all its lights up once to show all lights are working well and then settles on the first green light lit which shows it is on.


  • Audio alert
  • On/off button
  • Lightweight
  • LED lights
  • 9V battery installed
  • Color: Black 


The sound is added as an aftermarket modification and can slow down the speed of EMF sampling. Adding the sound to the Authentic K2 has the effect of making the Authentic K2 less able to react to changes in EMF levels so you will may not get as many responses to questions using a Authentic K2 with sound and may not get as many suspected paranormal EMF spikes. Because of the modification, the Authentic K2 EMF Meter w/ Buzzer is NOT covered under our warranty that we have for the authentic, silent K2 EMF Meter. The manufacturer that does the modification will have to be contacted for their warranty information.

As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could always be a natural explanation to a reading. This has to always be ruled out before concluding that any readings are of paranormal nature.


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Works perfectly!

Jean-François T

Excellent K2 buzzer, super qualité prix envoi rapide merci a toute l'équipe de GostHunters.