Authentic K2 EMF Meter + Free Flashlight/Screwdriver

Authentic K2 EMF Meter + Free Flashlight/Screwdriver

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Authentic K2 EMF Meter 

The Authentic K2 EMF Meter is the legendary must have paranormal research meter. It's internationally famous and seen on virtually all Paranormal TV shows where it creates astonishing and reliable results. It is a great EMF meter for finding erratic sudden EMF spikes from spirit activity and can be used for home inspection of EMF levels as well. Made in USA! 

How Does it Work?

The Authentic K2 Meter spikes erratically back and forth when paranormal activity is present, as opposed to the steady light that is present when the meter is close to modern technology such as a cell phone or electric panel.

How to Use

The Authentic K2 is easy to use. Just push the button and it is on, push it again and it is off. Perfect for use in the dark. Fits in your hand and pocket. To change the battery, unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom plate.

Superior Quality

The Authentic K2 EMF Meter is rugged, sturdy and portable. This quality of a meter can take rough handling and be exposed to harsh weather and keep working. The Authentic K2 is a meter to count on as it is very responsive and accurate.

GhoSt Augustine Screwdriver Flashlight

The GhoSt Augustine screwdriver flashlight kit is a great tool addition to any ghost hunt. The screwdriver is great to change the 9V battery should your Authentic K2 battery need to be changed. The built in flashlight allows you to do this in the dark. It has a clip on the back so you can attach it to any belt, shirt or back pocket. Thanks to its flat shape it is very convenient.

Authentic K2 Features:

  • Sleek design
  • LED lights
  • Portable and compact
  • 9V battery (installed)
  • 2 year warranty (on K2 meter only) **

Kit Features:

  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver
  • Clip
  • Flat design

**Note only 60 day warranty for commercial use - for example for use on ghost tours/paranormal events.

* We are the official distributor of the authentic K2 Meter made in the USA. Recently, there have been many counterfeit K2 Meters made in China that are being sold on various marketplaces as the real thing. These are poorly made replicas that are not reliable or sturdy like the real K2 Meter. You can tell an authentic meter from a fake one several different ways. The most obvious way is the label. The authentic K2 has a UV reactive label that looks like the label in our photo. The counterfeit K2 Meter has copied an older K2 label that says K-II USA on the label. Another way to know is that the authentic K2 Meter will always be shipped from the USA. It will never be shipped from China or anywhere overseas. Watch our video for in-depth knowledge on how to spot an authentic K2 from a fake!

As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could always be a natural explanation to a reading. This has to always be ruled out before concluding that any readings are of paranormal nature.


Customer Reviews

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Professional product & service!

Quality build & ready out of the box. Well packaged, fast shipping, a real sense of customer appreciation set this company apart from others. The flashlight/screw driver set included is the perfect size & will be used.

Carrie Leigh
A must have.

This is probably one of my favorite pieces of equipment I own. Simple to use and extremely useful, and I can carry it with me everywhere!

Brian Vincent
KII Works Exactly As Described ...

Right away, I got instant results! I would get the classic spiking and flashing of the LED's whenever I would ask questions. Would sometimes have four LED's lit momentarily. I would place it in an area where I know there is no artificial EMF taking place to eliminate false readings. When set up this way and I get spikes and flashing, I am certain it is almost always paranormal activity. There is a reason why the KII is legendary and I am glad Ghost Augustine continued the manufacturing of this device. It is the real deal! I would rather pay the extra money to get a real Made In USA KII Meter than some cheap knockoff!

Shane D Ambrose

For the price point I am very satisfied with this K2.

James Patrick McDonald
Authentic, Quality Product!

Over the years I have purchased all of our K2 EMF meters through Ghost Augustine. When I use Amazon I specifically look for Ghost Augustine as the Seller because I know you carry the authentic And best K2 meters. During the 3 years we have acquired over 50 meters and none have failed. We have one that that the first green light has gone out but all the other lights function as designed. We deploy those meters to our guests each and every night, in all weather conditions and temperatures. I know when I purchase a K2 meter from GhostAugustine I’m getting a quality product that will last, and one my guests will enjoy using. Please feel free to use my testimonial in your advertising. Best Regards James Patrick McDonald, Owner/Tour Guide Ghostwalker Tours