Para4ce PMB - Paranormal Music Box Clearance

Para4ce PMB - Paranormal Music Box Clearance

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The PMB is in working order but could have cosmetic blemishes, small scratches, minor imperfection, or missing/damaged packaging. 

As seen on Ghost Adventures! Exclusively at!
  • Top Quality Hand-Crafted Paranormal Music Box
  • Effective in Attracting / Detecting Paranormal Activity*
  • Sends Low Ultrasound Pulses similar to a Radar
  • Reacts by Playing Creepy Music and Showing Blue Light

PMB - Paranormal Music Box

The PMB is a intriguing and interesting ghost hunting tool, that is creating remarkable results in paranormal investigations all around the world. The PMB works as a trigger object and it alerts both visually and auditorily if anything (seen or unseen) passes in front of the PMB. When that happens, it starts playing and the light goes on!

Effective as a trigger object

It has the shape of a coffin, which along with its pitch black body and solid construction, makes it a most impressive instrument from the first moment you see and touch it. Its look gives off steampunk vibes. It is fun and refreshing. High tech meets the classic vintage music box. Its interesting look along with the music box makes it effective as a a trigger object.

Top quality hand-craft

Music boxes have been around for centuries and the instrument is playful; it is an object of nostalgia and familiarity to many generations. The PMB is beautifully made. Its center is made out of wood and it has a bottom and top plate out of black painted aluminum. It is top quality hand-craft! 

How does the PMB work?

The PMB will be triggered by anything that moves in front of it within 16 feet (5 meters). Simply set it up pointing against an object like a wall or door that is within that range. The PMB will take a few seconds to calibrate against the fixed object. Then it is ready to detect paranormal activity! If anything moves between the PMB and the fixed object (wall or door for ex) then the PMB's light will light up and the creepy tune of the music box will start playing. This means you have activity! Remember the max range of the PMB is 16 feet (5 meters). So make sure the object the PMB is pointed at is no further than 16 feet (5 meters).

Unique ghost hunting tool

The tech behind the PMB is completely different than a motion detector. The PMBs are sensitive to a person's/animal's skin temperature, in contrast to background objects at room temperature. No energy is emitted from the sensor, giving the name passive infrared.

How to use the PMB

First make sure that you have "loaded" the PMB with two brand name 9V batteries (alkaline).

  1. Place the PMB on a flat surface
  2. Point it against an object like a wall or a door that is within 16 feet (5 meters) from the PMB.
  3. Turn the PMB on
  4. The PMB will calibrate in 3-5 seconds
  5. Start your ghost hunting session

Do not stand in front of the PMB when you calibrate since it will create an erroneous calibration. You cannot move the PMB around while it is in use since it will offset the calibration. When you want to monitor another area - turn it off and then turn it on at the new location and it will once again calibrate in relation to its new position.


  • Hand crafted design
  • Passive Infrared Sensors detect motion
  • Blue LED light
  • Audio alert – plays creepy music!
  • Two 9V batteries (not included – use brand name alkaline)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Keep away from water

  • Do not use expose to liquids, for instance rain. Keep away from water
  • Works best indoors (doesn't work well in temperatures below 50F)

* Disclaimer: Based on paranormal investigations done so far, it seems to be attracting something that bounces off the PMB's ultrasound and triggers it. It is unknown what is the cause. Hence we call it paranormal - which means beyond normal. We do not guarantee that the PMB will create same results again since this is a brand new product and we are simply relaying how it has been performing so far and it could be unique for where it has been used - however that does not seem to be the case.


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