SB7 Spirit Box Rev 7 - just released. 2024!

SB7 Spirit Box Rev 7 - just released. 2024!

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  • 3 x No Faraday Bag / Upgraded Mini Boombox Speaker with 4 in shopping carts
The tips in this video for how to listen for EVPs are of course the same regardless of which Spirit or Ghost Box version is used. Add on a Faraday Bag or Upgraded Mini Boombox Speaker by using the dropdown menu above! Faraday bags limit radio interference. Note: You might want to consider also getting an ANC-Mini or/and a Portal. It will improve the quality of your EVPs even further! We include our instructions regarding how you get the best results using a Spirit Box.

P-SB7 Rev 7 - Released 2024

The latest SB7 SPIRIT BOX version - the Rev 7 allows even more spirit communication. It splits the SB7 scanning frequency in half. This allows more detail - more clear EVPs to come through. The SB7 Rev 7 will help you to get more spirit communication than any other SB7 under $100.
For the ultimate SB7 - please see the SB7 PRO.

Another improvement for the SB7 Rev 7 is one extra sweep speed. The added 50ms sweep speed is great for those who hears EVPs better when the scanning is fast.

How to Use

You haves seven different frequency sweep speeds to choose from. You can experiment and choose the speed where you are most comfortable and successful at hearing EVPs. You can also sweep both forward and backwards through the frequencies scanned. Faraday bags are often used in paranormal investigations to place the spirit box inside of. This removes the interference of strong radio signals. Add a Faraday Bag to your purchase by choosing the option on the dropdown menu above. And adding an ANC-MINI or/and a Portal to your configuration will clean up and amplify the audio immensely. 

We also include a paper with tips for how to use a Spirit Box. It is a bit of an art. Watch the video you see on this page too.

To get even more clearer reception with a Spirit Box, you can connect the ANC-Mini which is a Noise Cancellation device that makes the EVPs clearer. It is small and lightweight. A step up is to connect it to a Portal. For the ultimate configuration, you connect the Spirit Box to the ANC-Mini and then into a Portal.

 What new functions does the SB7 Rev 7 offer? 

Introducing a 50 kHz frequency step- splits the frequency in half and allows spirits to manipulate frequency fragments improving EVP. Works in AM and FM settings.

A new 50 millisecond sweep speed, for faster scanning.

 Both SB7 Rev 7 & SB7T Rev 6 have these improvements compared to SB7T Rev 5 and earlier versions:

  1. You no longer need to pause the scanning to adjust the volume (Real Time Audio Adjustment).
  2. Multi-function Display shows Temperature Changes, Sweep Rate along with the band frequencies. 
  3. No tone alert for Temp Changes! This means that there is no longer a tone alert that pollutes the EVP session. Instead, the display now gives you the choice between the temperature changes or the actual temperature displayed along with the other parameters. 
  4. Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius to measure Temp Changes. 
  5.  Our investigators experience that the internal speaker is louder and has a better and crisper tremble. Of course, we recommend you using an external speaker anyway to really hear the EVPs better. An even better route is to use a Portal. The very top of the line configuration for clear EVPS is to use an ANC-Mini between the Spirit Box and a Portal. 


  • Noise Cancellation Circuit in FM band for clearer transmission
  • Real Time Volume Adjustment
  • Multi-function display
  • 7 different sweep speeds to choose from
  • 50 khz frequency step
  • Amplified Sound without an external speaker.
  • ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection)
  • Red backlight display
  • Built in Flashlight
  • Safety Wrist Lanyard
  • Speaker Audio Output
  • Earphone Audio Output
  • Kickstand on back
  • 3 AAA batteries (included). Best performance with brand name alkaline batteries.
  • 2.25 in wide, 4 in tall, .75 in thick

Mini Boombox Speaker Upgrade

If you are looking for increased volume on your PSB7, add on a portable Mini Boombox speaker! Plug the included cord into both the PSB7 and speaker, then press the Play button to activate the AUX mode. Please note that this is a higher grade speaker, not a Portal.

  • On/Off button
  • Volume up/down button
  • 10W Speaker
  • AUX external sound source input jack
  • DC/5V Micro USB charging jack

Note: You get the absolute clearest EVPs by using this configuration: SB7 through an ANC-Mini that is then connected to a Portal.

As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could always be a natural explanation to a reading.

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