Teddy Bear POD (Trigger object and spirit detector)

Teddy Bear POD (Trigger object and spirit detector)

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This adorable teddy bear is designed as both a trigger object and ghost hunting tool for spirits during your paranormal investigation. Inside the bear is a small meter that detects static energy fields around its telescopic antenna's EM field, the same as our Spirit Pod. The head of the teddy bear contains the antennae. The power button is in the bear’s paw and calibration is done automatically when the power is turned on. When static EM fields are present, a buzzing sound will go off and 4 led lights in 4 colors will light up depending on the detection range. The belly of the bear has a constant yellow glow to locate the object in the dark. Powered by a 9V battery that is accessible through the zipper located on the back of the teddy bear.

Height 20 cm = 49.6 inch

Weight 8 oz