TIR-Crosshair Thermal IR Detector

TIR-Crosshair Thermal IR Detector

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The TIR-Crosshair is a dual axis Thermal IR paranormal investigation tool. It was designed to locate and assist spirit interaction using a thermal matrix infrared sensor. The TIR-Crosshair can be used as an interactive tool to detect warm and cool anomaly events.

How Does it Work?

TIR-Crosshair detects thermal energy on an X and Y axis in a 60-degree field. Paranormal events can be observed and tracked when a temperature change passes by the thermal sensor. Temperature detection is expressed with 6 LEDs for each axis. Each LED change shows a 7.5-degree difference in thermal temperature and the detection range is 10 feet depending on the conditions of the environment. When a cool object or anomaly passes in front of the infrared sensor, the LED lights will turn blue in the sequence of the direction that the temperature change is occurring. When a warm object passes in front of the infrared sensor, the LED lights will turn red in the direction in which the temperature change is passing. During instances where a cool temperature is followed by a warm temperature, LED lights will turn blue, followed by red and occur in sequence by temperatures.  Because each ghost investigation has different conditions and results vary, it is ideal to have a good understanding on how best to use the TIR-Crosshair prior to your investigation. During your investigation, if you sit in front of the sensor within the 2-3-meter range, the LED will detect the heat energy from your body and turn red. Shortly after, it will cancel your thermal energy until all of the red LEDs turn off. When this happens, the device is calibrated and ready to detect any thermal temperature change that may occur around your body. If you stand or sit in front of the sensor and then move away, the heat energy from your body will first turn the lights red but when you move away, the LEDs will then turn blue as it detects the contrasting ambient air temperature before regulating and turning all of the LEDs off.


Things like air-conditioning and windows can influence the sensor so be aware of the environment in which you are using the IR sensor. The TIR-Crosshairs is not intended to take the place of a thermal infrared camera.

General Specifications:

  •         10’ Maximum detection distance
  •         60 degree detection angle
  •         +/- 4 degree temperature accuracy
  •         8x8 (64 pixel) sensor pixel resolution
  •         6-7.5 degree optical axis gap
  •         15-85% operating humidity to avoid freezing or condensing

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