Announcing our Monthly Para-Pic Contest!

Did you know that we also offer a variety of ghost tours and paranormal investigations? Take a picture on one of our tours and catch something unusual?

Then submit it to our Para-Pic Contest!

Join us on one of our experiences and take photos throughout your tour to enter the contest. If you think you caught anything paranormal, send us the photos and we'll analyze them. If it seems like it could be paranormal, your photo will get posted to our social media and entered in our monthly Para-Pic Contest! We have prizes!

A spooky cemetery

The Contest Prizes


Best Para-Pic:

A K2 meter! The K2 EMF Meter is the legendary must have paranormal research meter. It's internationally famous and seen on virtually all Paranormal TV shows where it creates astonishing and reliable results. It is a great EMF meter for finding erratic sudden EMF spikes from spirit activity and can be used for home inspection of EMF levels as well. Made in USA!

Runner Up:

A digital voice recorder! This Voice Recorder is great for investigations. Lightweight and only about 4 inches long. Dual microphones and no AAA or AA batteries needed. Simply charge up with the USB cord before the investigation and easily record throughout the night. High quality recording for 96 hours.  

Honorable Mention

A pair of dowsing rods! Beautiful, 13" handmade Dowsing Rods with white skulls and black beads. The tips of the brass rods have safety caps. Comes with helpful instructions regarding the art of dowsing. Dowsing have been around for centuries as a tool to coordinate your energy with the energies around us and receive information to various questions. Typical use has been to find underground water sources, lost objects, treasures and spirits. Dowsing Rods are often used by ghost hunting groups to find the most active areas of a location and to receive responses from spirits. 

Contest Rules

  1. Photo must be taken by you.
  2. Photo(s) must be taken on a GhoSt Augustine experience.
  3. By entering the contest you allow use of submitted photo(s) for use on our social media and marketing materials.
  4. Your name will be mentioned on our social media outlets unless you specifically request us not to.

How to Submit your Photos to our Contest

  • Text the photos to 904-372-8053
  • Email the photos to (include "contest" in the subject line)
  • Details about your photo

Be sure to inform us that the photos are for the contest, what tour you were on, who your guide was, at one point in the tour this was taken, and if something was happening when the photo was taken. Photos and winners will be announced on our blogs and websites and

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