Authentic K2 Meters vs Counterfeit K2 Meters

Written by: Ghost Augustine


For paranormal investigators, the Authentic K2 meter is a popular and crucial tool for paranormal investigations.  However, with the rising popularity of the Authentic K2 meter comes the risk of encountering counterfeits. In this brief guide, we'll explore the key differences between counterfeit and Authentic K2 meters, empowering enthusiasts to make informed choices.

Authenticity Matters

Authentic K2 meters are crafted by a reputable manufacturer using the highest quality materials and are made in the United States. The Authentic K2 Meter boasts precision, reliability, and adherence to strict quality standards, ensuring an optimal paranormal exploration experience. Authentic K2 meters can last for over ten years. They are made in the United States and never shipped from China.

Counterfeit K2s are inaccurate, fraudulent copies made with low quality materials that break after a short time. These flimsy K2s give inaccurate readings, false readings, and do not have the sturdiness and reliability of the Authentic K2 Meter. They are made in China and are marketed as the Authentic K2 meter, breaking international laws.

Clues - Authentic K2 vs. Fake K2

Spotting the difference between a real and counterfeit K2 meter can be tricky, but there are several visual cues and dead giveaways:

Branding and Markings

Authentic K2 meters feature a UV reactive label and feature an updated face label- The Authentic K2 label features a black banner that reaches the edges of the label, and features white text  “K-II EMF METER” underneath a numerical milligauss (mG) range. The colors on the Authentic K2 Meter are teal, bright green, yellow, bright orange, and pink. The spaces on either side of the color range and behind the black banner is black and white pinstripe.

Authentic K2 Meter

Some fraudulent K2s sport an older label that says KII USA on it- the new labels on the Authentic K2 meters do not say this. The banner is white with black text, and does not touch the sides of the label. The colors vary, but are typically dark green, lighter green, yellow, dark orange, and red. The spaces beside the color range is not patterned- it is typically white or light grey.

Fraudulent K2 Meter 

The authentic K2 has a slightly textured surface, giving an almost matte appearance; while the counterfeits are typically smooth and glossy. Every Authentic K2 meter will have “MADE IN THE USA K-II ENTERPRISES CAMILLUS, NY” on the back. While some fraudulent K2s illegally have this stamped on the back, some can be blank, or feature a logo.

Authentic K2 on the left, fraudulent copy on the right- note the texture differences.

Build Quality

Authentic meters are built with durability in mind, using quality materials. Counterfeit versions exhibit a cheaper build, compromising their longevity. The button on fraudulent K2s break very easily, generally are more susceptible to wear and tear, and stop working after a short time.

Authentic K2 meters are built to last- it’s not unheard of for a K2 meter to last over ten years. You can feel the quality when you hold an Authentic K2 and a fraudulent K2- the Authentic K2 feels heavier and sturdier.

Performance Tells the Tale

The proof is in the performance. Authentic K2 meters are calibrated for accurate readings, responding reliably to changes in electromagnetic fields.

Counterfeit meters may falter, producing erratic readings or failing to detect fields consistently. Some of these fake K2s have a distracting clicking sound when turned on, or some have lights that are extremely bright and too distracting for a paranormal investigation.

Purchase from Reputable Sources

When you purchase an Authentic K2 from us, you are not only supporting a small local business, but you are sure to receive an Authentic K2. We are the official distributor of the Authentic K2 Meter, and are proud to say that we are the ones responsible for bringing it to paranormal prominence. Each and every Authentic K2 we send out has our stickers of authenticity on the back.

Detail of our marks of authenticity.

In the realm of paranormal investigation, authenticity is the key to unlocking the mysteries that surround us. As you delve into the unknown, armed with a reliable and authentic K2 meter, you're better equipped to explore the supernatural. Happy Hauntings!

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