Equipment in Phasmophobia

Written by: Ghost Augustine


Phasmophobia is a cooperative psychological horror game where players work together to investigate paranormal activity and identify different types of ghosts and entities. Debuting in 2020, Phasmophobia witnessed almost immediate success and as a result, interest in ghost hunting and paranormal investigation has spiked. The game begins with a set of starter equipment that each player is issued. Much of the in-game equipment is based on the designs of real pieces! While players can upgrade this equipment during gameplay along with obtaining additional equipment, this starter equipment will get the player going on their first investigation.

Among this starter equipment, the player will find an EMF reader, a Spirit Box, and a  thermometer. Today, we at Ghost Hunters equipment will guide you through the real- life equivalents of these pieces. If you have not played Phasmophobia before, beware that there may be spoilers ahead!

EMF Reader

EMF Readers pick up on electromagnetic fields, and display anomalies, which can indicate a spirit present. Players are initially issued a rudimentary EMF reader that resembles the original Trifield 100XE, and later upgrades to a K2 Meter. We carry both the Authentic K2 Meter, and the Trifield (which is now a much improved Version 2!).

Spirit Box

Spirit boxes are used to sweep through radio stations quickly, allowing spirits to communicate through the white noise the sweeping creates. The first Spirit Box players receive is a simple handheld radio- and later the player upgrades to Spirit Boxes resembling the SB7T and the SB11- we carry both!


Thermometers of course measure temperature- it is thought that spirits manifest by pulling energy from their surroundings, creating a cold spot. Players first use a wall thermometer, of the type that people sometimes keep in their homes. Later they are upgraded to a handheld thermometer. Luckily for you, we keep handheld thermometers of this type in stock!

Need more equipment?

We hope that our exploration into the real life equivalents of Phasmophobia equipment has been helpful. Need help finding more equipment used in this game? Feel free to contact us and we will gladly help find what you need!

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