Frank's Box: Paving the Way for ITC and EVP

Written by: Amber Atteberry


The human fascination with the supernatural has persisted throughout history. One aspect of this fascination is the attempt to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Among the various tools and devices used in paranormal investigations, one tool that stands out is what is the Frank's Box. Developed by Frank Sumption in 2002, his invention took the art of capturing what is believed to be verbal communications from the departed. This field of paranormal research is known as EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

The History of Frank's Box

Frank's Box, also referred to as the Ghost Box or Spirit Box, was the brainchild of this famous paranormal inventor. The fundamental principle behind his invention lies in the belief that spirits can manipulate audio frequencies to convey messages. Drawing inspiration from the concept of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), Frank wanted to create a device capable of communicating with ghosts. He modified an ordinary AM/FM radio to rapidly scan through frequencies, creating a constant stream of white noise through which it is believed that spirits can communicate. By posing questions and listening for responses within the net of white noise, investigators hope to establish a meaningful connection with the other side. He created only 180 of these boxes, and are now extremely rare.

An original Frank's Box, taken from Frank's own website.

Frank's legacy

Fortunately, EVP and ITC technology has come a long way since Frank started building his famous boxes. Spirit Boxes such as the SB7T and SB11 are available, as well as enhancement devices such as the ANC-Mini and the Portal V5. While equipment has become more advanced and sophisticated, he truly was a pioneer in the field of capturing voices from beyond our dimension. His contributions to the field of paranormal research have paved the way for further understanding of spirit communication. We give thanks and and honor the memory of this ingenious late paranormal pioneer and inventor.

Frank Sumption

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