May 2023 ParaPic Winner!

Written by: Amber Atteberry


We are pleased to announce Heath Wise as the winner of our ParaPic contest for the month of May! Heath, along with his group, accompanied us on a midnight Para4ce Investigation. Throughout the investigation, Heath was using our dowsing rods and observed a multitude of orbs. It was during this eventful night that he captured the photograph presented below, taken inside our haunted house. Congratulations to Heath!


A dark hallway in a house

Did you see it? Look a little closer:

Closeup of the ghost face

Look on the left. We have enhanced the picture so it can be seen more clearly.

Enhanced ghost face


Despite our team's efforts to recreate this phenomenon by using the equipment provided by Para4ce Investigations, experimenting with different angles at different times of day, and using camera settings on numerous phones and cameras. Our team was unable to debunk the spectral appearance captured in this photograph.

Are you ready to capture the ethereal on camera? Join us for an unforgettable experience investigating a haunted house in America’s oldest city and probably most haunted - St. Augustine, FL - founded 1565. Sign up for the Para4ce Investigation.  We also offer a downtown walking Paranormal Investigation since 2002 - the Haunted St. Augustine. We also have other walking and riding ghost tours.

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