October 2023 Parapic Winners!

Written by: Ghost Augustine


Our Honorable Mention

Our honorable mention winner and their group were enjoying our Total Paranormal and taking plenty of photos when they captured something in Lighthouse Park. The image on the right is cropped and lightened for you:

This similarly matches other photos we have caught of shapes that seem to also be moving- often in the same spot, with different levels of light, at different angles.


Congratulations to our winner, we hope you are enjoying your Dowsing Rods!

Our runner up is Holley and Dustin!

Our runner up for October of 2023 is Holley and Dustin. They were joining us on an Everdark Express and exploring our haunted house when they felt the energy change. They snapped the following photo: 

There appears to be a moving shape that is see-through. There was no one standing there at the time this photo was taken. Take a closer look:

Thank you Holley and Dustin! Enjoy your REM One!

Our grand prize winner is Leanne Stanley!

Leanne was enjoying a Haunted St. Augustine walking tour when she decided to snap this photo at Tolomato Cemetery. Check out what she snapped below:

Take another look at the edited photo below: What do you see? We see what appears to be a kneeling figure. 

Thanks again, Leanne, and we hope you are enjoying your Authentic K2 Meter!

Interested in joining the contest for yourself? Check out the rules here and see if you can capture a spirit AND a great prize!

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