How to use your Portal, ANC Mini, and SB7

Written by: Amber Atteberry


Did you know that you can combine a Portal, your Spirit Box, and your ANC mini together for the clearest EVPs you’ve ever heard? It’s true! Although any Portal can be used to clear up sound, we reccomend our Portal V5. The Portal/Spirit Box/ANC Mini combo is often used on our Para4ce Investigations to listen in on what the spirits are saying from beyond the veil. Today we will walk you through the steps to achieve this. To start, let's cover each piece of equipment.

First up, the Portal V5.

While any Portal can be used with the Spirit Box, we find that the Portal V5 delivers the best results. The Portal V5 the workhorse and crown jewel of your investigation. This Portal is unlike any other ghost hunting tool you have experienced. Each one is handcrafted and hand numbered with the highest quality materials available, creating a stunning piece of equipment with incredible sound quality. The Portal's job is to clear out the hissing sound you hear while using a Spirit Box, making the EVPs much clearer than a Spirit Box alone.

Next up, we have our ANC Mini

The ANC Mini is an adjustable noise control filter that filters out the sweeping sounds (the white noise) that you hear when scanning radio stations on your SB7. This allows EVPs to shine through without the distraction of white noise. The Portal also clears out the white noise, but pairing the ANC Mini with a Portal brings the clarity of the EVPs to another level.

And last but not least, the SB7.

The SB7 is a handheld radio specifically designed and modified to pick up EVPs. The SB7 will sweep through radio stations at a high speed, creating a net of white noise for spirits to communicate through. The SB7 is among the most iconic pieces of ghost hunting equipment, only rivaling the K2 in familiarity. If you choose to use an SB11 and want to use both AM and FM channel simultaneously, you have to run it through a mixer (for example Maker Hart JUST Mixer S). If you're reading this blog, we are assuming that you are already familiar with the SB7- but never fear, there is a number of tips available to help you hear EVPs. Each Spirit Box we sell comes with a set of instructions.

Now that we have our equipment, let’s get set up!

First, let's set up your SB7. Everyone has a different preference on settings, but our investigators like AM, scanning backwards, at 100 speed. However, play around with the settings and find what sounds best to your ear. Set your volume level to 20 for this setup.

Once you have your SB7 going, let’s prepare your ANC Mini. Hook up your ANC Mini to your SB7 by plugging the audio cable from the spout jack of your SB7 to the input jack on your ANC mini. Then connect the ANC Mini output jack to one of the input jacks on the Portal. 

Now, let’s play with the Portal. Make sure your Portal is connected to a power source and turn your Portal on, making sure that both the Hiss Kill and Audio Stage buttons are engaged. Start with the volume on your Portal all the way down, and gently increase the volume to your liking. Each Portal comes with detailed instructions for use- use these to get the perfect settings.

From here, use your ANC to filter out the white noise to your liking by using the buttons on the front- up to filter out more white noise, down to filter out less white noise. The ANC is at its optimal setting when the red light is steady.

From here it’s all about what sounds good to you, and making small adjustments to your preference. Be sure that the hiss kill knob is not at its max, as this will filter everything out including EVPs. Our goal is to enhance EVPs while cutting back on interference.

When your setup is complete, remember that patience is key. EVPs will not come through as quickly as they do on the ghost hunting shows on television- these shows are edited to get as much into their time slots as possible. Start with basic yes or no questions, and give the spirits time to respond. Apply the same patience to listening for EVPs as you would while fishing. Listen intently, have patience, and keep an open mind.

Happy Hunting! Be sure to grab your equipment!

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