The Story of the Authentic K2 Meter

Written by: Jonas Brihammar


Where was it first used in paranormal research and why it is so popular

When I opened up the doors to GhoSt Augustine in May 2001 as the first store about the paranormal in America’s oldest city St. Augustine, FL, I envisioned a store selling paranormal research equipment, books about the ghosts of St. Augustine and haunted sites around the country, as well as apparel with a ghost theme. 

When I contacted manufacturers and distributors of various instruments, I came across K-II Enterprises in upstate New York. They manufactured an EMF Meter called K-II that was produced for the EMF safety market. That is for people who are concerned about potential negative health effects from long term exposure to semi-high to high EMF fields. By using the K-II (popularly referred to as a K2 Meter) people could easily test their homes and offices for such EMF fields and identify products such as perhaps their computer or alarm clock by the bed as a product emitting too high EMFs and move them further away from them or exchange them for products emitting lower EMFs. The K2 had at this point not been used for paranormal research.

The business partners at K-II were positive to the idea of GhoSt Augustine carrying the meter for paranormal research use even though no one at K-II believed in the paranormal and thought it was quite amusing that their meter now was going to be sold for ghost busting purposes in Florida. The K2 was not exactly flying off the shelves during 2001 as the nation was hit by the terrorist attacks on 9-11 – the focus was on other matters. 

But GhoSt Augustine stayed in business and in January 2002, a Paranormal Investigation tour called Haunted St. Augustine (the tour was purchased by GhoSt Augustine in 2009 when the owner was moving out of town) was launched in town. This was the first paranormal investigative tour ever in St. Augustine. There was one trolley ghost tour that was theatrical and comical that had started in the fall of 2001 and then there were two
traditional ghost walks telling stories led by a guide dressed up in period clothing and carrying an old- fashioned candle lit lamp. The tour was co-owned and led by Dr. Harry Stafford (PhD in Human Consciousness Studies from FSU and Master of Divinity from Harvard University).

 He soon gathered overwhelming data on tour participants having frequent co relation between the K-II EMF Meter being triggered and paranormal events such as unexplained tactile experiences and anomalies in pictures. This information from a top educated intellectual professor gave me the confidence to start selling the K2 Meter on eBay and from there the testimonials of its incredible results within ghost hunting built its popularity in the paranormal community. 

The fame of the K-II grew from the grassroots level more and more until the meter eventually made it into the hands of TAPS and was featured in July 2007 on Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters (nowadays Travel Channel airs the show). The episode was filmed at the house where famous actress Sharon Tate and others were murdered in the late 1960’s in what is known as the Charlie Manson murders. The performance of the K-II Meter totally astonished the stars of the show, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, as its lights were lighting up on cue after they asked questions and did so in a manner that it indicating an intelligent presence was creating the Yes and No replies. Because the replies made sense and corresponded with known facts. After that, the K-II Meter was featured for years in pretty much every episode and the meter went on to become the most popular and well-known product used for paranormal research. It is used in almost all programs about ghost research and even
appears in pop culture and even in cartoons such as Full House and is depicted in many famous ghost hunting video games. Terms such as “let’s do some K2 work” or “just K2 it” are well known among ghost hunters. 

Sadly, since some years back, the public is getting scammed by unscrupulous sellers on eBay and amazon and even on paranormal websites by offering an illegal Chinese made copy. This counterfeit K2 is unreliable and poor quality and give bad readings since its not calibrated correctly. People get tricked since the product listings claim to be a K2 meter and made in USA – even though it is made in China. The counterfeit copies do not work correctly – they give inaccurate readings and are built of low-quality components and materials which makes it easily break apart – which is just as well since it does not give correct readings anyway. Look here to see our Authentic K-II Meter listing and video of how to easily tell the difference between a fake and a real K2 Meter. 

When you shop with us, GhostHuntersEquipment by GhoSt Augustine, you can be sure that you always receive  working authentic products as well as our outstanding customer service.

 So why is K2 so popular? It basically comes down to the fact that it is very accurate and fast sampling to
creates reliable results and is easy to use and understand while at the same time it is virtually indestructible. It is easy to see in the dark and the ghosts quickly learn how to set off the lights. At the same time, it is not a huge investment needed at all to purchase one. One can even afford to purchase several and assign different word meanings to each meter or just spread them around across a room to monitor them from a far in person and/or with a camcorder. And again, I believe it is easy for the spirits to understand how it works. It seems that they can easily spot the constantly lit green light and figure out how their energy field will trigger more lights to turn on. So, it is easy to understand how to use it, not only for us humans. It is also so simple to bring along anywhere due to its small size. One can have one in the glove compartment in the car or in any old bag just laying around – ready to take out and use.

The original version, you had to keep the button pressed down constantly for it to be on. The advantage of that was that one would never accidentally leave it on and drain the batteries. Now, when it has click on and click off button, there is a risk that it is left turned on or gets switched on when transported around and once it is time to use it – the battery is weak or even dead. So be careful to have it turned off and perhaps bring an extra 9V battery. The K2 does not eat up batteries fast when it is in use. But you are probably familiar with that ghosts can drain batteries – the theory is that they use up the battery charge to get stronger. So be prepared with an extra battery. That’s always a good idea.

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