Haunted Cuban Club

The Haunted Cuban Club in Ybor City

Welcome to the historic streets of Ybor City, where live the tales of spirits and specters. Among the streets and vibrant cultural landmarks stands the legendary Cuban Club, a place steeped in history and rumored to be haunted.

Unraveling the History

El Circulo Cubano de Tampa (also known as the Cuban Club), was built in 1917 by famed architect M. Leo Elliott. On the spot the Cuban Club was built existed called El Club Nacional Cubano, which served to assist the Cuban immigrants who settled in the burgeoning cigar industry of Ybor City. The original building burned down in 1916, and the newer structure was built in its place. The Cuban Club served as a social hub for the community, hosting lively gatherings, performances, and celebrations that echoed with the rhythms of Cuban music and dance.

Over the decades, the Cuban Club witnessed the highs and lows of Ybor City's evolution, from its heyday as the cigar capital of the world to its decline and subsequent revitalization. Through it all, the club remained a cultural icon, preserving the traditions and memories of past generations.

Whispers in the Shadows

But beneath the festive façade lies a darker tale, one whispered by those who dare to explore the club after hours. Many claim to have encountered strange phenomena within its walls: footsteps echoing in empty corridors, flickering lights, and inexplicable cold spots that chill the air.

Legend has it that the spirits of past members still linger within the Cuban Club, reluctant to leave behind the memories of their youth. Some say that upwards of 300 spirits haunt the Cuban Club. Some believe that these restless souls manifest themselves in various forms, from shadowy apparitions to ghostly whispers that echo through the halls. It is believed that sometimes spirits linger where they were happiest in life, so it’s no wonder that The Cuban Club is still active.

Tales of the Paranormal

Among the most famous legends is that of an actor who took his own life in 1919 in the theatre after forgetting his lines. There are differing accounts on if an audience was present or not, but his spirit still ligers.

Yet another legend is the spirit of an 8 year old boy who drowned in the swimming pool of the club, while another tells the tale of a woman who was killed by being pushed off a balcony after she turned down a dance with a man. There was also the well publicized murder of board member Bellarmino Vallejo within the club.

Numerous paranormal investigations have been conducted at the Cuban Club, seeking to communicate with the residents of the club. All of them have reported unexplained voices, cold spots, and sometimes even missing objects.

Despite its haunted reputation, the Cuban Club continues to thrive as a cultural landmark, hosting events, weddings, and performances that celebrate its rich heritage. For many, the tales of ghostly encounters only add to the allure of this iconic venue, serving as a reminder of the enduring spirit of Ybor City.

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